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Speer 30 Caliber 180 Grains Grand Slam (Per 50) 2063
Speer 30 Caliber 180 Grains Grand Slam (Per 50) 2063
Speer 30 Caliber 180 Grains Grand Slam (Per 50) 2063

Speer 30 Caliber 180 Grains Grand Slam (Per 50) 2063

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30 Grand Slam SP-Soft Point

Diameter: .308"
Weight: 180 Grains
Ballistic Coefficiency: 0.416
Box Count: 50
Hot-Cor Construction

Grand Slam premium hunting bullets are made for the demanding hunter. Years of research and continuous improvement are the key factors in this bullet.

Grand Slam jackets start with precision-drawn gliding metal like other Speer bullets, but that is where the similarity ends. The Grand Slam jacket is drawn from thicker metal used in the critical shank portion, the part of the bullet that has to hold up when the going gets tough. Ahead of the shank, the jacket is carefully profiled; making the transition to a gentle taper that allows reliable expansion over a wide velocity range.

Multiple internal flutes at the jacket's tip insure uniform expansion whether you're shooting a 300 Savage or a 300 Weatherby. Grand Slam also uses Speer's exclusive Hot-Cor process. The proprietary ternary alloy is melted and injected at 900 degrees F into each jacket, flowing into shell folds for a better grip and eliminating oxide formation that can cause bullet failures.

Final forming produces adds a long, ogival nose profile for flatter shooting. The extended jacket design protects the bullet tip from in-magazine damage. A cannelure allows securing the bullet for use in heavy-recoil rifles and provides additional holding power to retain the core during expansion.

Grand Slam has evolved over the last quarter century into a highly respected game bullet, both in North American and on the plains of Africa. They cost more, but more goes into making each bullet.

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.

180 Gr SP Grand Slam SP (Per 50)

Specification   Value
Warranty   Warranted against manufacturers defects.
Caliber   .30 Caliber (.308)
Diameter   .308"
Type   Rifle
Weight   180 Grains
MFG NO    2063
SKU    4371
UPC    076683020635
Phone:   763-323-2300
Website:   http://www.speer-bullets.com
Address:   2299 Snake River Avenue
Lewiston, ID 83501
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