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Browning G6828F Gold, Grn 28/55 Gld Scene 1602418903
Browning G6828F Gold, Grn 28/55 Gld Scene 1602418903
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MFG NO 1602418903
SKU 54699
UPC 023614161974

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G6428F - Gold Series Extra Wide Safe
Dimensions: 60" x 48" x 28"
Approximate Shipping Weight: 1090 Pounds

Gold Series Features
- Heavy, 10-gauge steel body
- Eighteen 1 1/4" chromed locking bolts
- 1 5/16" Duo-Formed door: The massive Duo-Formed door provides superior security and fire protection. The door face is formed from a solid piece of steel plate, then bonded to a second plate and fused to a rigid length of double-formed steel for a door edge thickness of 1 5/16". This door and recessed frame are extremely pry resistant and function to make the safe more rigid, exceeding UL tool attack certification standards for gun safes.
- OmniBarrier Lock Protection System: Multiple layers of case hardened steel in front of the main locking system, as well as a 1/4" steel plate behind, create an attack-resistant barrier that surrounds the critical lock.
- Drill-resistant deflector plate: Case hardened anti-drill deflector plate. Other manufacturers avoid this fortification due to increased cost.
- Additional Uni-Force cam and door bolts: Prevents outside pressure to the bolts from being transmitted to the lock. Any force applied is transmitted to the heavy-duty vault-type cam system instead of the lock. When force is applied to the bolts of a lesser safe, that force goes directly to the lightweight locking system and lock. The cam system locks bolts in the top and sides of the door securely in place behind the door frame, making the door very resistant to prying.
- S&G group II lock with keylock and 5-year S&G limited warranty
- Five spoke, gold-plated handle
- Large gold metallic upland scene bonded to surface of safe door
- Raised floor to facilitate removal of guns
- UL tool attack listed
- Backed-on high-gloss finish
- Embroidered Buckmark on inside door panel

Standard Fire Protection
- 1550° F for 30 minutes fire protection. Interior temperature does not exceed 350° F. Listed and labeled by Omega Point Laboratories.
- Multiple layers of fire-resistant material in the body.
- Multiple layers of fire-resistant material in the door back and a 1" layer of Imprafill insulation in the door face.
- A high-temperature Palusol fire seal that, when heated, expands to seal the safe around the entire door perimeter.
- Carpeting is made of fire-resistant materials.

- Premium carpeted Duo Interior: The Duo Interior is convertible. It starts as an Easy-Out Plus interior, with shelves and long gun storage space. With the easy removal of the side shelves and gun slot storage cap, it becomes an all-gun Easy Out interior. Holds 28 or 55 long guns, depending on your configuration.

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Warranty   Limited Lifetime Warranty. If your safe is forcibly entered during the lifetime of the original owner, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. We further warrant your safe to be free from defective materials and workmanship for five years.
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