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Barnes Bullets 30 Caliber 165 Grain Maximum Range X Boattail (Per 20) 30885
Barnes Bullets 30 Caliber 165 Grain Maximum Range X Boattail (Per 20) 30885
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MFG NO 30885
SKU 58157
UPC 716876308859

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Barnes' super-premium, Maximum-Range X-Bullet is designed for hunters who demand 100-percent reliable performance and one-shot kills at extended distances. The boattail MRX bullet combines the best features and deadly killing power of Barnes' copper Triple-Shock X-Bullet with a new Delrin tip and a tungsten core.
The denser-than-lead tungsten core moves the MRX bullet's center of gravity rearward, producing optimum ballistic performance, maximum penetration and the same exceptional accuracy Triple-Shock Bullets are famous for. A heavy tungsten core surrounded by a controlled-expanding all-copper body means game-dropping performance no lead-core bullet can match. Unlike soft lead cores that fragment or squeeze out under pressure, the tough MRX tungsten core retains its shape on impact, maintaining bullet integrity.
Adding a streamlined Delrin tip gives this premium bullet a higher ballistic coefficient (BC), allowing the MRX bullet to deliver flatter trajectory and greater retained energy at long range. Unlike some plastic-tipped bullets, the Delrin-tipped MRX won't fragment on impact or blow up on game. The MRX bullet provides controlled expansion at both short and long range. The nose of the bullet peels back into four razor-sharp copper petals that resist shearing off. The new bullet typically retains 100 percent of its original weight and delivers the deep-penetrating, bone-smashing power needed for raking shots at large game.
Like the all-copper Barnes-X and Triple-Shock X-Bullets, the Maximum-Range X-Bullet contains no lead to contaminate venison. The MRX is the X-Bullet to choose when you need to make difficult shots at extreme distances. It's a super-premium bullet that delivers dependable long-range kills.

165 Grain Maximum Range X Boattail (Per 20)

Specification   Value
Warranty   100% Replacement guarantee from defects
Quantity   1
Caliber   .30 Caliber (.308)
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