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270 Winchester 20 Rounds Ammunition 130 Grain Ballistic Tip
270 Winchester 20 Rounds Ammunition 130 Grain Ballistic Tip
270 Winchester 20 Rounds Ammunition 130 Grain Ballistic Tip
270 Winchester 20 Rounds Ammunition 130 Grain Ballistic Tip

270 Winchester 20 Rounds Ammunition 130 Grain Ballistic Tip

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Supreme Accuracy. The solid base boat tail design and special jacket contours deliver excellent long-range accuracy with reduced crosswind drift. The Ballistic Silvertip bullet is designed to deliver rapid expansion and fragmentation in varmint-size game calibers, and controlled expansion and penetration in deer-size game calibers.

The Supreme Ballistic Silvertip (BST) offers a solid based boat tail design and delivers excellent long-range accuracy. In varmint calibers, the Ballistic plastic polycarbonate Silvertip bullet initiates rapid fragmentation.

In medium to larger calibers special jacket contours extend range and reduce crosswind drift. Harder lead core ensure proper bullet expansion.

Symbol: SBST270
Caliber: 270 Winchester
Bullet Weight: 130 Grains
Bullet Type: Ballistic Silvertip
Game Selector Guide: D (Deer)
CXP Guide Number: 2 (light, thin-skinned game)

Test Barrel Length: 24"

Velocity (Feet Per Second):
- Muzzle: 3050
- 100yds: 2828
- 200yds: 2618
- 300yds: 2416
- 400yds: 2224
- 500yds: 2040

Energy (Foot Pounds):
- Muzzle: 2685
- 100yds: 2309
- 200yds: 1978
- 300yds: 1685
- 400yds: 1428
- 500yds: 1202

Trajectory, Short Range:
- 50yds: -0.2
- 100yds: 0
- 150yds: -0.8
- 200yds: -2.8
- 250yds: -6.1
- 300yds: -10.7

Trajectory, Long Range:
- 100yds: 1.4
- 150yds: 1.3
- 200yds: 0
- 250yds: -2.6
- 300yds: -6.5
- 400yds: -18.9
- 500yds: -38.4

270 Win, 130grain, Ballistic Silvertip, (Per 20)

Caliber Dictionary

The Below Information Has Been Provided From Our Gun Caliber Dictionary And Is Meant For Informational Purposes Only. It Is Not Intended to Describe The Unique Specifications For This Ammunition.
The 270 Winchester was introduced in 1925 in the Winchester Model 54 bolt-action, forerunner to the Model 70. Based on the 30-06 case necked down, it was the first production cartridge to use a .277-inch bullet. Why this bullet diameter was chosen is not clear. The intent, however, was to create a cartridge that shot flatter than the 30-06 and produced less recoil. This effort was so successful that the 270 Winchester remains the world's most popular 270 cartridge...and since 1925 only three other commercial cartridges have used this bullet diameter. With a 130-grain bullet at 3060 feet per second and a 150-grain bullet at 2950 the 270 is powerful and flat shooting. It is adequate for game up to elk, ideal for virtually all American deer hunting, and, as it's long-time champion, gunwriter Jack O'Connor, so often wrote, it is a marvelous choice for mountain hunting. It is a standard chambering for almost all rifle makers, and choices in factory loads run into the many dozens. — Craig Boddington

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Warranty   Warranted against manufacturers defects.
Caliber   270 Winchester
Weight   130 Grain
Bullet Type   Ballistic Tip
SKU    7411
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Website:   http://www.winchester.com
Address:   427 North Shamrock Street
Alton, IL 62024
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