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Stoney Point Steady STIX 39" F3B39R1X

Stoney Point Steady STIX 39" F3B39R1X

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Use sitting or kneeling with any firearm - rifle, handgun, shotgun, or muzzle-loader.

Make that long-shot count with this field-proven shooting rest. Lightweight Steady Stix II travels easily anywhere to provide a steady shot on any terrain. Three-section legs fold to a compact 14" length and self-assemble to a versatile 39" length - perfect for sitting or kneeling. Compare with other shooting rests - Steady Stix II are unequaled for getting "on-target" quickly, as the V-yoke allows you to instinctively level your firearm and sights for a reliable shot. Weighting only 6 ounces, these Stix won't slow you down.

Experience one-shot confidence and clean kills when you shoot over rock-steady, feather-light Steady Stix II. All Stoney Point folding rests are designed for ultimate versatility - a steady hold on a steep hillside, out of a ravine, on rugged ground, or over high cover and tall grass. More convenient, portable, and versatile than attached bipods, and won't change your point of impact!

The old buffalo hunters knew the value of resting their heavy rifles on crossed sticks. It gave them the steadiest possible shot, even at long range in the middle of an open prairie with no trees, rocks, or other natural rests in sight.

Stoney Point Steady Stix are the modern version of this time-proven shooting method. The Stix fold for compact field carry in the provided belt sheath or in your day pack or hunting jacket. When you need the Stix, they're ready in seconds.

• Pull the tie cord that holds the sticks in a bundle;
• The legs automatically unfold and self-assemble to their full height;
• Your sights level quickly, right on target, as you lay the fore-stock in the rubber V-Yoke.

Unlike conventional attached bipods, the Stix adapt automatically to any rough terrain - even steep hillsides. The flexible rubber yoke that couples the Stix together allows the legs to be pivoted in virtually any direction. To adjust the height or accommodate the lay of the land, simply alter the angle of the legs to make your rest higher or lower.

High-strength, tempered aluminum tubes lock positively in place using a dependable ferrule and internal shock cord system. Stoney Point folding Stix have a black satin anodized finish with rubber tips at the top and aluminum safety tips at the bottom. The protective, non-slip shooting yoke is molded from durable thermoformed rubber that remains stable and pliable at virtually all temperatures. If required, the yoke can be slip-adjusted along the Stix, thereby changing the cross-height to accommodate any size shooter.

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