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Leupold MK 6 1-6X20MM 34MM 5.56 M6C1 Mat 115044

Leupold MK 6 1-6X20MM 34MM 5.56 M6C1 Mat 115044

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MFG NO 115044
SKU 11038612

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Mark 6 1-6x20mm (34mm) M6C1

The all-new Mark 6 1-6x20mm scope was engineered based on the years of elite riflescope making expertise in order to deliver relevant performance features to competition shooters and tactical operators in mid-range to CQB scenarios. Built around a rugged, ultra-bright daylight visible illumination system, the Mark 6 1-6x20mm offers a true both eyes open situational awareness at 1x, while also offering the ability to identify and engage targets out to several hundred meters at high magnification. Several notable mechanical/optical advances include the new low-profile, mil-based ZeroLock™ windage and tactical features that are common throughout Leupold’s Tactical product line. Hands down, the most commonly used phrase we hear from tactical end users is, “smaller, lighter, faster” when describing the perfect optic. Leupold Tactical Optics; we listened. And delivered. elevation dials to prevent unintentional adjustment in the field and caliber-specific front focal plane reticles.
  • Matte
  • Illuminated CMR-W 5.56 Reticle
    • The CM-RW reticle is a natural progression of the very popular CM-R² reticle featuring the inclusion of wind holds, as well as additional ranging features. The CM-RW reticle is comprised of a 0.5 MOA center dot surrounded by a 5.0 MOA inverted horseshoe for a perfect combination of precision and speed. There are two versions of the CM-RW available. One representing 5.56/.223 class ballistics, and one representing 7.62/.308 class ballistics. The two MIL scales built into the reticle design - hash marks on the horizontal stadia and the vertical scale on the left side above the main horizontal line - can be used for both calculating distances and measuring objects downrange. The tic marks on the vertical stadia serve a dual purpose, allowing the user to quickly estimate the distance to 18” targets while serving as precise holdover points for targets between 300 and 1200 (900 for 5.56/.223) meters. The horizontal bars down the left side of the reticle are also 18 long at the distance indicated, and additionally there are 4x4 squares located 12 above this horizontal line to allow for additional range
  • Xtended Twilight Lens System
    • Now your hunt can reach further into the twilight than ever before possible, with our exclusive new Xtended Twilight Lens System. It goes a step further than even the Index Matched Lens System, using Leupold’s index matched glass with wavelength specific lens coatings designed to optimize the transmission of low-light wavelengths. When most scope manufacturers quote percentage of light transmission, they usually mean at 550 nm, the green wavelength where the human eye is most sensitive. The challenge is that in twilight conditions, green light disappe

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