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Mako Group The Reflex Sight Multi-PURP W/LSR Pointer Qr MEPROMORB

Mako Group The Reflex Sight Multi-PURP W/LSR Pointer Qr MEPROMORB

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SKU 11048424
UPC 879015008598

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Mepro MOR Tri-Powered Reflex Sight with Red Laser Pointer - Bullseye Reticle


Mepro MOR: the only all-in-one electro-optical sight available today!

The Mepro MOR was designed and built for the Israeli Special Forces.

Two integrated lasers (a visible laser 5mW and an IR laser 5mW).

By combining two laser sights into a single lightweight, integrated and rugged sight, there is no longer a need to purchase separate laser and IR designators. In addition, there is now more space on your rails for other accessories.

Three integrated reticle illumination systems (a fiber optic collector system during the day, a miniature self-powered tritium light source at night, and a 3-position LED enhancer for different ambient light conditions).
This ensures you NEVER lose your reticle!

Unlike other battery-powered sights that lose their reticle when the batteries are low or not working, the Mepro MOR continues to operate!

A unique single boresight mechanism allows you to zero both aiming devices simultaneously (the sight reticle and the laser pointers), thereby saving time on zeroing and saving money on ammunition.

A totally integrated day/night sight which provides instant all light aiming.

Transition between the daytime fiber optic collector system and the nighttime tritium light source is instantaneous and automatic to assure good contrast between the reticle and the target area.

This innovative light collection system is supplemented by a unique three-position LED enhancer for different ambient light conditions.

A 30mm diameter lens, designed to meet the highest standards of Israel’s Special Forces, assures rapid target acquisition with one or both eyes open.

This is the perfect sight for both close quarter and long range engagements.

Weighs only 15.8 oz.

The MEPRO MOR, a battle-proven sight used by Armed Forces around the world, is manufactured to the highest military standard in Israel for The Mako Group. When quality and reliability are required, make sure it is Meprolight from The Mako Group!

Qualified military, law enforcement, and government organizations may call or email for pricing and order information for the Mepro MOR M&P model with IR laser designators.

10 year warranty on illumination. See product packaging for additional warranty information.