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Buffalo Bore Ammunition 32 S&W Long 100GR Hard Cast Wadcutter 20 Box 10B/20

Buffalo Bore Ammunition 32 S&W Long 100GR Hard Cast Wadcutter 20 Box 10B/20

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MFG NO 10B/20
SKU 11056258

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Buffalo Bore Ammunition 10B/20 32 S&W Long 100GR Hard Cast Wadcutter 20 Box

After countless customer requests for ammunition that will make this cartridge lethal to humans, Buffalo Bore is delivering. There are millions of small revolvers still in circulation chambered for this cartridge and if an ammo company was to make effective self-defense ammo, the little revolvers would have a meaningful purpose for personal defense against humans. Current (as of this writing in 03-2013) factory ammunition offerings include soft pure lead bullets of round nose configuration at very low velocity. Round nosed bullets do little terminal damage as they tend to slip and slide through mammalian tissues and the very low velocities don’t help much either.

In order to make this cartridge meaningful for self defense, we designed hard cast (not soft) bullets that will not deform on impact and will maintain their flat nose profile as they penetrate through muscle and bone and because of their flat nose, they crush (not slip and slide) through mammalian tissues, doing considerable damage along their path. We alloy and lube these bullets properly so they will NOT substantially lead foul any normal barrel. Then we added velocity by using modern powders that will give extra velocity and remain within the SAAMI pressure limits of 15,000 PSI. The result is a fairly lethal cartridge that brings new usefulness to millions of these old pistols. Depending on how much clothing must be penetrated and how much bone is encountered, expect 17 to 23 inches of straight line penetration in mammalian tissue with this load. At 100grs., this bullet is the same weight as other current weak factory offerings, but is going around 200 fps faster than any other commercial load we could find that utilize 100gr. bullets. This particular load, utilizing a full wad cutter profile bullet, is the load I would carry for defense against humans as that big flat nose does considerable terminal damage.

The use of jacketed expanding bullets in this weak cartridge would be a mistake as even if you could get a jacketed bullet to expand at these velocities, doing so would limit penetration significantly enough that the bullet would certainly under-penetrate and as a result would likely not be lethal to humans. Additionally, hard cast bullets create less friction inside the barrel than jacketed bullets and thus we are able to obtain significant velocity gains at lower pressures, than would be possible with jacketed bullets.

This ammunition is safe to use in ANY solid frame revolver that is in ordinary shooting condition. “Solid frame” means any revolver that is not a top break frame. “Ordinary shooting condition”, means ANY revolver that is in condition to fire any modern factory, 32 S&W LONG ammo, without malfunction. Have a competent gun smith check your revolver for “ordinary shooting condition” if you have doubts, as many of these revolvers are very old and some imports were made of

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