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Safariland Horizontal Single Mag Pouch Md: 123182 123-18-2

Safariland Horizontal Single Mag Pouch Md: 123182 123-18-2

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MFG NO 123-18-2
SKU 11139
UPC 781602044080

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PRICE $14.11
MSRP: $23.00
Qty available: 3
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A velcro belt attachment wraps around your belt and a velcro flap holds the magazine in the pouch. For extra security you can wrap the belt flap over the top flap closure. Fits up to 1.75" (45mm) belts. Available in black with a plain finish.

AMT Hardballer
Beretta 8000, 8040, 92 Brigadier,
92 D, 92 DS, 92 F, 92 FC,
Beretta 92 FCM, 92 FCDA, 92 FS,
Beretta 92 FS Centurion, 92 G, 96,
Beretta 96 Brigadier, 96 D, 96 DC,
Beretta 96 DS, 96 G, 96 Centurion
Browning 9MM BDM
Colt Combat Elite, Commander,
Colt Delta Elite, Delta Gold Cup,
Colt Double Eagle Gold Cup Nt'l
Colt Match, Government 1911
Colt Officer's .45 ACP
H&K P7, P7M8, P7M13
Kimber KIP45CUSL
Leatherman PST II, Pocket Survival Tool
Leatherman Gerber Multi-Plier Tool
Leatherman 3.5" to 4" Folding knives
Ruger KP89, KP89 DAO, KP89
Ruger DAOW, KP89 DC, KP89
Ruger DW, KP89W, KP91 DAO
Ruger KP91 DC, KP95 DAO
Ruger KP944, KP944 DAO,
Ruger KP944 DAOW, P85, P89
Ruger P89 DC, P89 DW, P89 W,
Ruger P91 DAO, P91 DC, P93,
Ruger P94, P95 D, P95 DAO
Sig Sauer P220, P225, P226, P228,
Sig Sauer P229, P239, SP2340
S&W 59, 459, 469, 659,
S&W 669, 910, 915, 4006, 4026,
S&W 5903, 5904, 5906, 5923,
S&W 5924, 5926, 5946, 6904,
S&W 6906, 6924, 6926, 6946
S&W Sigma 40C, 9C,40 F, 9mm
Springfield Armory 1911-A1
Taurus PT92, 92C, 99, 99C, 101

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Warranty   In accordance with the provisions of the California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the product is sold "as is" and "with all faults". Should the product prove defective, the buyer assumes the entire risk of all necessary servicing or repair.
Quantity   1
Phone:   909-923-7300
Email:   support@safariland.com
Website:   http://www.safariland.com
Address:   3120 East Mission Blvd
Ontario, CA 91761
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