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ATN Thor 336-1.5-6x, 336x256, 19mm, 60Hz, 17 micron, Thermal Imaging Weapon Scope TIWSMT333A

ATN Thor 336-1.5-6x, 336x256, 19mm, 60Hz, 17 micron, Thermal Imaging Weapon Scope TIWSMT333A

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ATN Thor 336-1.5-6x, 336x256, 19mm, 60Hz, 17 micron, Thermal Imaging Weapon Scope

The ATN ThOR line is rich with features and options making it the best value of any comparable system on the market. This model is lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet itÕs rugged and durable. The entire system is built in the USA, utilizing Mil-Spec Lenses that make the ThOR battleworthy for most any mission, operation, or outdoor activity. Each system features a digital menu that gives you a variety of options and adjustments allowing you to customize your system. You can select a number of reticle options as well as choose a reticle color best suited for your specific application. No more black reticles on a black and white screen Ð ThOR features a color OLED display giving you a sharp color reticle every time or switch to full color mode and overlay it with either a black, red, blue, white or black reticle depending on the conditions and the environment. The ATN Thor feature a video-out connection and cable which will let you capture your thermal operation on video.


- Sensor (microbolometer): 336x256 px
- Type: Uncooled
- Material: Vanadium oxide (VOx)
- Image Size (output resolution): 800x600 px
- Frame rate: 60 Hz
- Video output: Yes
- Display Color: OLED matrix, SVGA< 800x600 Color background + color reticules
- Thermal Sensitivity: <50mK
- Spectral Response: 7-14 ?m
- Lens System: 19 mm
- Field of View (H x V): 21¡x16¡
- Eye Relief: 28 mm
- Optical Magnification: 1.5X
- E-Zoom: 3x, 6x
- Diopter Adjustment
- Distance of the human detection: 625 m
- Distance of the human recognition: 280 m
- Distance of the human identification: 170 m
- Distance of the vehicle detection: 1375 m
- Distance of the vehicle recognition: 650 m
- Distance of the vehicle identification: 375 m
- Reticle Multiple Reticles to Choose From (Reticle Color Red, Green, Blue, White & Black)
- Brightness adjustment: Manual
- Sharpness adjustment: Automatic
- Polarity control: White hot / Black hot / Multiple Color Modes
- Start up time: <3 sec
- Environmental Rating: Waterproof / Dustproof
- Battery type: 3 x CR123A battery type
- Battery Life: 8+hrs
- Mounting bracket: MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny (Quick)
- Output computer set up: Yes
- Low Battery Indicator: Yes
- Iconology Quick access, Icon driven feature controls
- Dimensions (without bracket): 6.73" x 2.72" x 2.87" (171 x 69 x 73 mm)
- Weight, grams: 1.5 lb /680 grams
- Warranty: 3 year standard/10 year sensor

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