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Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Single Stage 5-5-3/4 Pull Steel Black TRTTUMIL

Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Single Stage 5-5-3/4 Pull Steel Black TRTTUMIL

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Wilson Combat TRTTUMIL Tactical Trigger Single Stage 5-5-3/4 Pull Steel Black
The Wilson Combat Tactical Single Stage trigger is modular trigger unit that can be easily installed in any AR pattern rifle by the end user in less than 1 minute without tools or even removing your selector. It is a ultra-crisp 5-5 3/4 lb. trigger pull that does not require any fine tuning or adjustment by the end user. It has no loose parts to misplace, the TTU is a totally self-contained trigger module. The hammer, trigger and disconnector are manufactured from virtually indestructible H13 steel and heat treated for maximum wear resistance. Wilson Combat AR-15 Tactical Trigger units will reliably function in any standard USGI style AR style lower receiver with standard GI trigger pins of .154" diameter regardless of caliber, including 7.62/.308 length AR receivers. Colt brand rifles made for commercial use between 1991 and 2009 will generally have a proprietary trigger pin size of .169" and are not compatible with any Wilson TTU. Colt rifles produced with pinned-in sear blocks are not compatible with any Wilson TTU. Wilson Combat TTU is not compatible with the Bushmaster ACR. The MR556 and any other AR style rifle with a firing pin safety mechanism in the bolt carrier is only compatible with the TTU 3G (TR-TTU-3G) or Two Stage Models (TR-TTU-M2). With .22 LR AR conversions or complete .22LR caliber AR-pattern rifles it is recommended that the standard single stage TTU (TR-TTU) or two stage TTU (TR-TTU-M2) trigger be used along with high or hyper-velocity ammunition for best reliability. The TTU is compatible with the S&W MP-10 .308 AR but the rifle's ambidextrous bolt catch must first be removed to install the trigger unit.
Type: Trigger
Model: Tactical
Finish: Black
Material: Steel
Trigger: Single-Stage

Manufacturer: Wilson Combat
Mfg Number: TRTTUMIL
Model: Tactical Trigger
Purpose; Replacement
Series: Single Stage

Specification   Value
Quantity   1
Wilson Combat
Email:   info@wilsoncombat.com
Website:   http://www.wilsoncombat.com
Address:   2234 CR 719

Berryville, AR 72616
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