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MOJO Tail Chaser Erect Md: HW2442

MOJO Tail Chaser Erect Md: HW2442

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MOJO Tail Chaser Erect

Most experienced turkey hunters have known for years that (while it may not seem reasonable) a hunter can actually hide behind a single gobbler fan. This allows the hunter to call even wise old gobblers to within gun range when they have little to no cover, or even slip up on them, or better yet, makes them COME TO YOU! To allow all hunters to use this innovative and proven technique, MOJO introduced the Tail Chaser, which allowed hunters to experience a whole new style of turkey hunting made into a sensation by the MOJO Scoot & Shoot Decoy. Tail fanning is an aggressive, mobile hunt that allows you to effectively hunt places that might otherwise seem impossible, such as wide-open country. This allows the hunter to clamp a tail fan to their shotgun utilizing a specially designed clamp easily attached to a gun barrel to allow the special fan to easily and quickly attach in the fanned out position, or removed and folded for easy transport. Quick, Easy and Effective! The Tail Chaser Erect is an upgraded version that not only allows the use of the included artificial fan, but also provides a specially designed hub that allows the use of a real turkey fan. Legs will hold the shotgun upright to protect the fan and allow easy retrieval of the gun.

The TAIL CHASER ERECT is the most effective run and gun product ever devised for turkey hunting.


- Uses MOJOs specially designed quick attachment for artificial or real fans
- Allows hunter to hide behind fan
- Extremely portable, leave hub attached to gun, and remove fan
- Removable legs to allow placing gun on ground in vertical position
- Fits 10 gauge thru 20 gauge single barrel shotguns
- Beneficial for calling, creeping and fanning
- Greatly reduces turkeys ability to detect you
- Great for Gobblers when they are henned up
- When they wont come to you, allows you to go to them
- Provides the most exciting form of turkey hunting
Mfg No: HW2442
Manufacturer: Mojo Decoys

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Weight: 1.4 pounds.
Dimensions: 23 (L) x 6.25 (W) x 2.25 (H) inches.:

SKU: 261946

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