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12 Gauge Shotshells 3" 1 3/4Oz, 5/6/7 Shot (Per 5) Md: PTD157567

12 Gauge Shotshells 3" 1 3/4Oz, 5/6/7 Shot (Per 5) Md: PTD157567

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MFG NO PTD157567
SKU 11110674
UPC 029465030056

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Federal Cartridge 12 Gauge Shotshells 3" 1 3/4oz, 5/6/7 Shot (Per 5)

Federal Premium 3rd Degree turkey ammunition features a unique blend of shot for 3 degrees of gobbler slaying perfection! The first wave of shot out the end of your barrel consists of No. 6 Flitestopper lead pellets which spread quickly to create a deadly close-range pattern. The second wave is composed of copper plated No. 5 shot, which creates a dense, even pattern at moderate ranges. The final payload is made up of ultra-dense heavyweight shot in #7 size, which is 35 percent more dense than lead. This dense shot in a smaller size gives more pellets on target while still retaining velocity and penetration in order to fill tags at 50 yards and beyond. Entire payload is comprised of 20% #6 lead shot, 40% copper plated #5 and 40% Heavyweight #7s. The shot column is housed in Federal's proprietary Flitecontrol wad, which stays with the shot longer for consistent, reliable patterns at greater distances. Like all shotshells in the Federal Premium lineup, it uses top-notch hulls, a superior crimp, brass-plated steel heads, consistent powder and an ultra-dependable primer.


- Gauge: 12 Gauge
- Length: 3"
- Shot Weight: 1 3/4 oz
- Shot Size: #5 #6, and #7
- Shot Type: #5 Copper plated lead, #6: Flitestopper, #7: Heavyweight
- Quantity: 5 Rounds
Mfg No: PTD157567
Manufacturer: Federal Cartridge

Shipping Information
Weight: 0.75 pounds.
Dimensions: 4.25 (L) x 2.75 (W) x 1 (H) inches.:

SKU: 256151

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Quantity   5
Federal Cartridge
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Address:   900 Ehlen Drive
Anoka, MN 55303
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