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Remington 1858 .44 Caliber Target Cap and Ball Revolver by Davide Peredsoli

Remington 1858 .44 Caliber Target Cap and Ball Revolver by Davide Peredsoli

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MFG NO S.349-044
SKU 11124489
UPC 812017001402

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Remington 1858 .44 Caliber Target Cap and Ball Revolver by Davide Peredsoli Md. S.349

Introducing Perdersoli’s famous Remington 1858 target cap and ball percussion revolver. This gun is a rare find in the USA but it is the most popular black powder target revolver in Europe and for good reason. It has a finely hand tuned action with crisp trigger pull, tight lock up and stainless steel nipples. We only import a few a year and they don’t last long. This revolver is well suited for .454 lead round balls or .44 caliber conical bullets. See our Pedersoli matching dual cavity brass bullet mold that cast one round ball and one conical bullet. The conical bullets have a recessed base to use with paper cartridges .

After the success obtained in the target shooting with Rogers & Spencer Pedersoli Target model and under specific requirements from shooters, we introduced this new target revolver, produced on the Remington model. The materials used are of the best quality, enhancing the ballistic characteristics of the barrel, of the cylinder and of the trigger set mechanism. The gun has been expressly customized by our crafts-workers and shooters, with the purpose to give the gun a good functionality with the very first use. The non-reflecting barrel, the anti-wear cylinder and the rifling twist have been designed to give the shooter the best chance.

Highly prized by European target shooters, these hand tuned revolvers rival the accuracy of and modern day target handgun.

The revolver comes with:
Stainless Steel nipples
Brass Trigger Gard
Perfectly fitted standard Walnut grips.
One extra set of un finished grips for use in custom fitting to your hand.
Barrel and frame are a matte blued finish
6 round cylinder
7 1/2" Barrel
Twist rate 1:18
Over All Length is 13 3/8"
Weight 2.86 lbs.
.44 Caliber, Uses a .454 round ball or conical bullet, 7 Groove barrel.
Made in Italt by Pedersoli
Veiw a Youtube video of the gun here https://youtu.be/rurlo32Ie_w

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