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Z-Man / Chatterbait Chatter Bait 3/8 Ounce Green Pumpkin Purple Lure, Md: CB38-70

Z-Man / Chatterbait Chatter Bait 3/8 Ounce Green Pumpkin Purple Lure, Md: CB38-70

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MFG NO CB38-70
SKU 11137381
UPC 879020000778

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Z-Man Fishing Products Chatter Bait 3/8 Ounce Green Pumpkin Purple Lure, Md: CB38-70
No lure in recent memory has had such a profound impact on freshwater fishing as The Original ChatterBait. With its patent-pending design and unique hex-shaped ChatterBlade®, the sound, vibration, flash, and action of The Original ChatterBait is unmatched. The Original ChatterBait is designed to “swim” in an erratic motion that mimics wounded prey.

It offers the action of a crankbait, the profile of a jig. Each Original ChatterBait includes a Super Tough ElaZtech Split-Tail Trailer. a spinnerbait. When you work an Original ChatterBait, you’ll feel every pulse – especially on braided line. That vibration helps to monitor the position and speed of your lure and it prompts fish to strike.

The Original ChatterBait is a great choice to fish heavy cover. The hex-blade serves as a weed-guard to keep the hook from snagging on weeds or brush. And unlike other lures, The Original ChatterBait won’t hydroplane on a fast retrieve. You can regulate depth by working it slowly, at a moderate rate, or cranking the reel handle as fast as you can.

The Original ChatterBait responds with the appropriate action to track straight and stir fish into striking.

- Size: 3/8 ounce
- Color: Green Pumpkin Purple

Manufacturer: Z-man Fishing Products
Manufacturer Number: CB38-70

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Z-Man / Chatterbait
Phone:   877-797-2424
Email:   info@zmanfishing.com
Website:   http://www.zmanfishing.com
Address:   4100 Carolina Commerce Parkway

Ladson, SC 29456
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