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Pietta Case Set 1851 Navy Steel .36 Caliber Revolver 7-1/2" Octagonal Barrel with Powder Flask, Bullet Moul

Pietta Case Set 1851 Navy Steel .36 Caliber Revolver 7-1/2" Octagonal Barrel with Powder Flask, Bullet Moul

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1851 Navy Steel .36 Caliber Revolver 7-1/2" Octagonal Barrel Set with Powder Flask, Bullet Mould and Walnut case

We are proud to offer this fine live firing revolver in a USA made American Walnut display case with Glass lid.

The Set includes:

1851 Navy Revolver

Colt Pattern copper powder flask

Colt Pattern brass bullet mould with 2 cavities, 1 for round ball and 1 for conical bullets.

In side of a fine American Walnut felt lined case with glass lid.

The 1851 Navy, produced From 1851 To 1872, Was The Most Famous Of The Cap-And-Ball Era For Good Reason. The 6-Shot offers Perfect Balance, Precise Aim, And Dependability. Taylor & Co. offers this Gun, Which Has Come To Symbolize The days Of The Stagecoach, Pony Express, And The Civil War.

The 1851 Navy 6 shooter is one of the most famous guns of the old west. Wild Bill Hickok was reported to kill a man in a showdown in Abelian at 75 yards with one shot thru the heart. That shoot out became the model for most TV and movie western shoot outs. The Navy was also use by Doc Holiday, Quantrill's Raiders and the Texas Rangers at some point.

All the original 1851 Navy revolvers were 36 Caliber. This gun is true to the original design including the caliber. There are other reproduction in .44 caliber but such a gun did not exist in the old west.

These guns are commonly known as cap and ball revolvers but they were nearly exclusively used with conical bullets weighing around 130 grains during the Civil War and were very effective with this bullet. We sell Lee double cavity bullet molds UPC 734307904203 that are a perfect match for this gun.

This live firing reproduction by Pietta Has The Notch In The Butt For a Detachable Stock.

Barrel Length 7-1/2 Inch Octagonal
Caliber .36
Capacity 6
Weight 2.60 Lbs
Finish Steel Case Hardened Frame, Brass backstrap And Trigger Guard
Grip Walnut
Revolver Manufacturer Pietta
Flask and Mould Manufactured by Pedersoli
Sights Brass Post Front Sight
Overall Length 13 Inches

The Pietta Cap And Ball Revolvers Quality Is On Par Or Better Than Any Of Their Competition at Any Price. True To The Original Colt Design With The Notch In The Butt To Mount a Detachable Stock.

Manufactured In Italy except the display case.

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