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Drone Pro 15x, Night Vision, Rifle Scope

Drone Pro 15x, Night Vision, Rifle Scope

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Armasight Drone Pro 15x, Night Vision, Rifle Scope
Model: Drone Pro 15x
Armasight is glad to present the Janus 15x, a powerful digital night vision bi-ocular that can impress even the most demanding users. One of the greatest advantages of digital night vision devices is their ability to be undependable from light conditions and so they will be equally effective no matter day it is or night. High-performance CCD camera ensures high quality of image. The manually adjustable eyepiece and objective lens allow user to adjust the device matching personal needs. This lightweight, powerful, water-resistant device can become a great support during the most different types of activities and provide user with the best comfort and conditions during night-time observation.

The device is extremely user-friendly. It was designed to provide users with the best possible comfort: it is easy to use, lightweight, provided with wireless remote control and digitally controlled adjustments, has real-time display. Auto-switching color modes will help to adjust the device according to the certain level of light.

The Armasight Janus 15x is provided with video input and output function, also you can optionally get digital video recorder.

The Janus comes with XLR-IR850 detachable long-range illuminator that provides an opportunity to operate under the conditions of low-light as well as in total darkness. Optionally you can buy a-focal doubler that will double the distance of XLR-IR850 beam.

If you are looking for a perfect solution for hunting, nature observation, camping or even security and law-enforcement operations, the Armasight Janus 15x could be exactly what you need.


10x or 15x optical magnification
High-performance CCD camera
Bright-light tolerance
Lightweight and robust design
Easy to operate
Manually adjustable eyepiece and objective lens
Real-time display
Digitally controlled features:
• Adjustable display brightness
• Selectable 7-pattern reticle, including a “no reticle” option
• Reticle color inversion (Black/White)
• Windage/Elevation bore sighting
Current operational state information display (battery status, active function etc.)
Wireless remote control
Analog video input (NTSC/PAL) and output (PAL)
Powered by two standard CR123A batteries or CR123 type rechargeable batteries (max 3.7 volts each)
Power input capability
Digital video recorder (optional)
Fits any Picatinny, MIL-STD-1913, and Weaver rail with an adjustable quick-release mount
Serviceability under severe conditions
Limited two-year warranty

CCD Camera High-rate High Resolution Near-IR Hypersensitive CCD Camera
Magnification 15x
Pixel CCD Array Format 976×582
CCD Array Spectral Response 0.4 to 1.1 µm
Display Type AMOLED SVGA 060
Pixel Display Format 800×600
Display Brightness Discretely Adjustable to 8 Levels
Turn-on Time, max 3 sec
Reticle Type 7-Pattern Digitally Contr

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