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Sabatti Forest STE 9.3 X 74 R / 12 Gauge Over/Under Rifle/Shotgun

Sabatti Forest STE 9.3 X 74 R / 12 Gauge Over/Under Rifle/Shotgun

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Sabatti Forest STE 9.3 X 74 R / 12 Gauge Over/Under Rifle/Shotgun combo SB-FORS-1230

This Combo is built on a proprietary Sabatti action entirely machined from a solid block of hot forged high strength steel Alloy:

The result is a perfectly tight action that will withstand the pressures generated by high-pressure ammunition.
The FOREST STE model comes with a Set Trigger on the rifle barrel. The trigger functions as a normal trigger if just pulled normally or if the trigger is pressed forward in to the set position, the slightest touch will fire the rifle. This makes for a very accurate shot.

The gun has a 12mm European dovetail grove cut in to the rib over the chamber with a recoil lug cut out for scope mounting. The 12mm dovetail is the European standard like our US Weaver style bases except it is a far better design that is nearly invisible making for a clean look. We sell a quick detachable Italian Contessa mount in 1”” or 30mm. The mount has just one lever and can be quickly attached or removed without tools by one hand.

Every Shotgun Rifle Combo features a stock and forend in select walnut, hand checkered and oil polished.
The 9.3X74mm rifle barrel is capable of taking any game on earth but is at its best with Moose, Bear and African Plains game. The rifle barrel is the lower barrel and operated by the forward trigger.

The 9.3X74R uses bullet diameter of .366 with weights ranging from 235 grains to 300 grains with a 286 grain bullet being the optimal weight at a velocity of 2400 FPS which make the European favorite very close in performance to a .375 H&H.

The 12 gauge barrel sits on top and operated by the rear trigger. This makes for a great close range back up shot with buck shot that would be great to have if hunting wild boar, Leopards or Lions. Also gives you the option for small game and bird shooting.

The gun has a brass bead from sight with a folding fiber optic rear sight. Which is nice if you intend on just using the gun that day as a shotgun, by folding the rear sight down, the gun feels, looks and handles like a fine O/U shotgun.
Cold hammer forged barrels are Chrome Molybdenum Steel 4140 heat- treated and stress relieved which translates into a longer life, high strength and minimum distortion from temperature changes.

We rifle all our barrels by cold hammer forging rather than simply by cutting manufacturing, which results in improved dimensional consistency and allows us to use steels with better mechanical characteristics (harder) High strength alloys are used to weld ribs on to the barrels, which preserves the original regulation even after heavy use.

Improved precision and resistance
Perfectly tight action
Improved comfort

A shotgun and rifle barrel regulated so perfectly together that both shots impact at approximately 30 meters

Smooth Bore Barrel: 12 Gauge
Rifled Bore Barrel: 9.3x74R
Barrel Length: 23 ½”

Trigger Group: Double Triggers, Set front trigger is for the rifle barrel (Push trigger forward to set) with the rear trigger for the Shotgun barrel.

Extraction: Extractors, push the rounds out from the chamber which then allow for manual removal or simply rotate the gun upside down and the spent rounds fall out. Extractors are preferred by some hunters because there are no springs to compress when closing the gun which makes for a smother function, also if you are a hand loader you won’t have to case an empty casing that went flying.

Weight: 7 ½ LBS

Craig Boddington recently tested and reviewed several of the new Sabatti rifles and said they were some of the finest double rifles he has ever shot at any price. He was so impressed that he purchased one of the Sabatti rifles he reviewed. See his Article in Petersen's Hunting Dangerous Game Issue December 2016.

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