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Scott Rodell Sparring Jian Md: SH2493

Scott Rodell Sparring Jian Md: SH2493

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CAS Hanwei Scott Rodell Sparring Jian Md: SH2493

Traditionally Chinese Martial Artists have used wooden "wasters" during sparring practice to inform their training and perfect their technique. While these wasters are generally safe, they have serious limitations for learning how swords actually behave during sparring. Hanwei's Sparring Jian have been designed by Scott Rodell to handle as closely as possible to sharp jian while providing rounded edges and safe flex during a thrust.

Using the same blade steel, advanced heat treatment regimen and handle fittings as the Rodell designed Hanwei Cutting Jian students can practice forms, sparring and cutting all with the same design. Through these three disciplines the student can take a holistic approach to their jianfa training; what works in forms must work in sparring must work in cutting must work in forms, etc...

Scott M. Rodell`s martial arts career includes over 30 years of training in Yang Style Taijiquan. He has trained under several noted Chinese masters, in both the U.S. and China. He is the founding Director of the Great River Taoist Center, headquartered in Virginia with branches across the U.S., Russia, Estonia, Netherlands, Germany and Australia. Rodell is the author of several books including: "Chinese Swordsmanship, the Yang Family Taiji Jian Tradition”, “Dandaofa Xuan - Chinese Long Saber Anthology”, “Fundamentals of the Wudang Sword Method - Selected Translations with Commentary from a Manual of Chinese Swordsmanship”, “Shi Jian Pu - Manual of Ten Sword Skills - A Hand Book of Chinese Swordsmanship”, and "A Practical Guide to Test Cutting for Historical Swordsmanship", all of which are highly recommended.


- Designed by Scott Rodell
- Safe Blunted Edges
- Rolled Tip


- Overall: 39 1/2"
- Blade Length: 29"
- Handle Length: 7"
- Weight: 2 lb 2oz
- Point of Balance: 3 1/2"
- Blade Steel: 5160

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