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Surefire Ported 3 Prong Flash Hider,Adaptor 7.62 Socom Md: WARCOMP-762-5/8-24

Surefire Ported 3 Prong Flash Hider,Adaptor 7.62 Socom Md: WARCOMP-762-5/8-24

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MFG NO WARCOMP-762-5/8-24
SKU 11155491
UPC 084871324632

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Surefire Ported 3 Prong Flsh Hider,Adaptor 7.62 Socom Md: WARCOMP-762-5/8-24
The revolutionary surefire warcomp-762-5/8-24 flash hider, which fits 7.62 (.308 caliber) rifles with 5/8-24 muzzle threads, is the world’s most shootable flash hider. Its patent-pending design provides three valuable functions:

It provides over 99% reduction in muzzle flash compared to a plain muzzle, which helps to conceal the shooter’s location and preserve his dark-adapted vision.

It virtually eliminates muzzle rise, which enhances monitoring target reaction and staying on target for faster follow-up shots.

It serves as a rock-solid mounting adapter for all surefire socom series 7.62 mm fast-attach® suppressors, which share the same basic design as our socom556-rc model, which placed first in the most extensive and rigorous suppressor testing ever conducted by us special operations command.

Precision machined from us mill-certified heat-treated stainless steel bar stock — including high-precision single-point cut threads for optimum thread interface — the warcomp-762-5/8-24 features an ionbond dlc coating to provide maximum protection under harsh environmental conditions and to facilitate cleaning even after extreme use.

When used in conjunction with a surefire socom series fast-attach suppressor, the warcomp provides multiple bearing surfaces to ensure superior suppressor alignment and prevent any ringing of tines inside the suppressor. A rear labyrinth seal mitigates gas leaking from the back of a suppressor, minimizes potential carbon buildup in the indexing system, and facilitates suppressor removal after extended firing. Every surefire warcomp is individually inspected for concentricity and alignment.

For rock-solid mounting of a socom series suppressor, unparalleled flash reduction, and minimizing muzzle rise, there’s literally nothing like a surefire warcomp—the world’s most shootable flash hider.

- Patent-pending Design provides Over 99% Flash Elimination; virtually eliminates Muzzle Rise
- Serves as Rock-Solid Mounting Adapter For Surefire SOCOM suppressors
- Multiple Bearing Surfaces Provide Suppressor Alignment And Prevent tines From Ringing Inside Suppressor
- Precision machined From US Mill-Certified Heat-Treated Stainless Steel bar Stock
- High-Precision Single-Point Cut Barrel Threads For Optimum Thread Interface
- Individually inspected For All Critical dimensions, including concentricity And Alignment
- Ionbond DLC Coating provides Maximum Protection Against Harsh Environmental conditions And facilitates Cleaning after Extreme Use
- Labyrinth Seals Prevent Carbon Buildup On Suppressor Lock Ring indexing System
- Installation Requires No Permanent modifications To Weapon

- Fits: 7.62 mm (.308 Caliber) Rifles With 5/8-24 Muzzle Threads
- Mounts: All Surefire SOCOM Series 7.62mm/.308 Caliber Sound suppressors
- Color: Black

Note: Surefire SOCOM Series Fast-At

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