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Nosler 270 Caliber 140 Gr Spitzer Ballistic Tip (Per 50) 27140

Nosler 270 Caliber 140 Gr Spitzer Ballistic Tip (Per 50) 27140

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MFG NO 27140
SKU 11202
UPC 054041271400

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Ballistic Tip Hunting:

In a perfect world, there would be no changing winds, no hunting pressure, no wary, spooked, or running game that might require a fleeting or distant shot. And all it would take to bring down that trophy buck would be a textbook 100-yard broadside shot.

Fortunately for us, the real world of hunting is a bit more challenging than that. In fact, the more you hunt, the more you realize how unpredictable and unforgiving nature can be--which is why Nosler engineered the Ballistic Tip Hunting bullet to be very predictable and extremely forgiving.


- The Ballistic Tip Hunting bullet's polycarbonate tip resists deformation in the magazine and initiates expansion upon impact.
- Fully tapered jacket and special lead alloy core allows controlled expansion and optimum weight retention at all practical velocity levels.
- Heavy jacket base acts as a platform for large diameter mushroom.
- Ballistically engineered Solid Base boat tail configuration combines with the streamlined polycarbonate tip for extreme long-range performance.

Technical Specifications:

140 Grain Spitzer (Yellow Tip)
Diameter: .277"

Sectional Density: .261
Ballistic Coefficient: .456

*Sectional Density: The ratio of a bullet's weight, in pounds, to the square of its diameter, in inches.
*Ballistic Coefficient: The ratio of a bullet's sectional density to its coefficient of form, used to describe the bullet's effectiveness in overcoming air resistance during flight.

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.

140 Gr Spitzer Ballistic Tip (Per 50)

Specification   Value
Warranty   Warranted against manufacturer defects.
Quantity   50
Caliber   .270 Caliber (.277)
Phone:   541-382-3921
Website:   http://www.nosler.com
Address:   107 SW Columbia Street
Bend, OR 97702
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