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Do-All Traps Auto Reset Targets SharpShooter .38 thru .44 Caliber SS6038

Do-All Traps Auto Reset Targets SharpShooter .38 thru .44 Caliber SS6038

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The SharpShooter (.38-.44) model is made specifically for soft nosed .38-.44 caliber pistols. This unit has the same hands free resetting system as the SharpShooter (.22) model, but is ready for a full range of gun slinger pistol action, with huge visible targets. The Sharpshooter (.38-.44) is a must for every cowboy action shooter.

The SharpShooter targeting systems have a revolutionary design that incorporates superior quality, engineering, and materials to rival any target system made. The base and arm extension is made of solid bar stock, as opposed to tubing. This creates a more solid foundation, unmatched durability, while optimizing safety. The fact that each piece is of machined quality, the shooter is assured of tolerance and precision.

In keeping with the mindset of durability, The SharpShooter targeting systems use an ingenious one-piece twisted target. This eliminates the problem of weld breakage that occurs with older designs. The independent pendulum targets, that rotate out of the way when hit, rest on the reset bar. This helps to eliminate target bounce back. Each unit also incorporates a simple, yet advanced design, which gives the shooter effortless assembly, as well as breakdown for easy transportation and compact storage. The SharpShooter targeting systems are made of high-grade steel and are fastened with the finest possible parts. The finish for each model is of environmentally safe powder coat paint.

- No walking or setup, just reload and have fun
- High grade steel for years of durability and enjoyment
- Engineered for extra stability
- Steel Construction and powder coat paint
- Twisted one-piece targets eliminate weld breakage
- Superior high visibility targets

SharpShooter .38 thru .44 Caliber

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