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Cass Creek Game Calls Predator Electronic Call 020
Cass Creek Game Calls Predator Electronic Call 020
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In some areas of the United States, predator hunting is not only a sport, but has become an essential part of game population control. Overpopulation of coyotes is a substantial threat to other game populations, house pets, and agricultural livestock. Techniques in hunting this quarry vary from most other calling sports. Much of the predator calling is done in twilight hours. The extremely keen hearing of this canine makes calling this predator especially challenging.

Cass Creek calls appeal to the coyote through a variety of sounds. The easy meal of a wounded rodent often brings the coyote in at a run. Distress sounds of young pups spark the curiosity and protective instincts of this animal. A social howl in the fading hours of light often motivates the animal to investigate. Cass Creek has recorded five of the most successfully used predator calls. This was accomplished through census of hunters and magazine editors who specialize in this subject. Also involved were game call experts on the subject of predators.

JACK RABBIT - A low pitched distress call with drawn out tones.

COTTONTAIL RABBIT - A higher pitched squeal, more exited and urgent call.

COYOTE HOWL - A communicating call announcing territory, luring other canines.

PUP YIPS - Sharp, short tones of young coyotes making maternal calls.

FAWN DISTRESS - A stressful/drawn out call used by young deer when separated from their mother.

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