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Revolver Rossi M351 .38 Special, Blue/Rubber Grips, Fixed Sight, 2" R35102

Revolver Rossi M351 .38 Special, Blue/Rubber Grips, Fixed Sight, 2" R35102

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MFG NO R35102
SKU 47969
UPC 662205351020

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A strong small frame revolver chambered for .38 Special and capable of handling the more powerful +P loads. This 5-shot with a two inch barrels make it a favorite for concealed carry and home defense.

All Rossi revolvers feature the unique Taurus Security System and are covered by our Lifetime Repair Policy.

The .38 S&W Special is a widely respected round for self-defense with many decades of use by policy.

This Rossi revolver is the perfect companion for those who want a powerful, small dependable easy to use self-defense firearm. Revolvers like this are ideally suited to people who just want reliable protection and are not a firearms expert. Unlike semi auto pistols that can be difficult to load or even know when they are loaded. This revolver is simple to load and use while the loaded gun is easy to see the rounds in the cylinder without having to open the gun.

It is especially easy to operate safely working in both double action and single action mode. In single action mode you cock the hammer with your thumb which makes for an easy trigger pull to accurately shot placement, when used in double action mode, it requires more pressure to pull the trigger thus cocking the hammer and firing the gun and the end of the function.

The revolver has a firing pin block that allows you to carry the gun fully loaded and it cannot fire when dropped. It can only be fired while the trigger is fully depressed. This makes for a safe conceal carry gun.

Revolvers have been around for over 150 years. Although most militaries and law enforcement agency use semi auto pistols as their primary weapon. Revolvers like this Rossi remain widely popular as back up guns or primary self-defense guns for non-professionals.

Model: R35102
Caliber: .38 Special
Capacity: 5 Shot
Frame and barrel 100% Blued Steel.
Action: Double Action / Single Action
Rate of Twist: 1:16.5"
Barrel Length: 2"
Total Length: 6.5"
Grips: Comfort Fit Rubber Grips
Weight: 24 oz
Frame Size: Small
Finish: Blue
Front Sight: Fixed
Rear Sight: Notched rear frame.

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Warranty   Lifetime repair policy.Lifetime repair policy.
Quantity   1
Phone:   305-624-1115
Website:   http://www.rossiusa.com
Address:   16175 NW 49th Avenue
Miami, FL 33014
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