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GoLight Portable Radioray w/Magnetic Shoe White 7901

GoLight Portable Radioray w/Magnetic Shoe White 7901

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MFG NO 7901
SKU 97094
UPC 793523079010

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Golight slides on and off base of the light. When the shoe is installed a spring loaded button pops up locking the light into the base. The shoe base completely encapsulates the suction cup base When the base is removed, the light can be mounted using the suction cup and the locking lever on the side to activate the suction mount. The magnetic shoe has the holes in it to be permanently mounted as well. Small bar magnets are embedded in the shoe base and covered with rubber. Magnetic base offers 40 pounds of magnetic grip. Once the shoe base is removed from the Golight, a suction cup mount can be used to attach the Golight to smooth surfaces. The suction cup mount is released via side mount lever. The suction cup is not suitable for moving vehicles, boats, etc.


- 16 foot cord with cigarette plug.
- Color: White
- 370 degrees motorized rotation
- 140 degrees motorized tilt
- Fast/Slow speed options to improve positioning abilities
- Handheld wireless remote control controls on/off of light beam
- Philips bulb - 12 Volts, 65 Watts
- Reflector–computer generated parabolic
- 5.5 amps draw
- 700 foot working beam (you can read a book at 700 feet)
- Candlepower - 5 million (new retail formula) or 400,000 (old industrial formula)
- Beam: Wide Spot beam - effective working beam of 700 feet (can read a book at 700 feet)
- Wireless requires no wiring harness
- Effective to 150 feet (even through vehicles, walls, etc.)
- Operate on 433 mhz (works on radio signal, not IR, so line of site and obstructions are not an issue)
- Handheld remote included
- Remote is weatherproof
- 4 button operation - up/down, right/left
- Remote turns light on/off, so no additional switch required
- Programmable with 2187 channels
- Radio R.F. Frequency, F.C.C., S.A.E. tested and Canada Certified.
- Battery is MN21(GL-7921)
- Golight meets marine standards for fresh water and saltwater usage
- UV and weatherproof for outdoor use
- Golight’s swivel handle on the top of the light enables the operator to move the Golight to different positions easily.


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Phone:   308-278-3131
Email:   info@golight.com
Website:   http://www.golight.com
Address:   37146 Old Hwy 17

Culbertson, NE 69024
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