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Genesis Pro Bow Right Handed, Black With Red Camo 10496A

Genesis Pro Bow Right Handed, Black With Red Camo 10496A

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MFG NO 10496A
SKU 98638
UPC 859752000420

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The Genesis™ Pro, a competition-quality bow with an adjustable draw stop that lets you customize your draw length! Like the original Genesis™ bow, the Genesis™ Pro will fit virtually everyone, thanks to its zero let-off cam. But, the Genesis™ Pro has an adjustable draw stop that provides the archer with a "solid wall" which makes shooting with a mechanical release aid easier. Genesis™ Pro features draw stop, higher poundage While still a zero let-off bow, like the original Genesis™, the Genesis™ Pro features a Draw Stop Cam, a higher draw weight of 15 to 25 lbs. and a larger clearance area for center shot adjustment. The Genesis™ Pro Draw Stop Cam allows users to customize the bow to their specific draw length. This feature provides the archer a "solid wall" or stop, indicating the archer is at his or her correct draw length. When utilized correctly, the archer will involuntarily activate the mechanical release aid. This surprise release maintains the archer's form and produces a consistent follow-through for maximum accuracy. The Genesis™ Pro also incorporates a higher draw weight than the original Genesis™. With a maximum adjustable draw weight of 25 lbs., the Genesis™ Pro shoots arrows at desirable arrow speeds for most target shooting applications. The Genesis™ Pro also has an expanded range of center shot adjustment. When used with rests designed to move the arrow closer to or further from the riser, a greater clearance area can be achieved for large feathers or vanes. The original Genesis™ line was revolutionary in that the zero let-off Genesis™ System made it the first compound bow to cover all draw lengths. This meant that everyone (children and adults) could shoot the same bow. The same holds true for the Genesis™ Pro.


- Higher draw weight- adjustable from 15 lbs. to 25 lbs.
- Larger center shot clearance area - accommodates modern rests and allows for advanced bow-tuning techniques.
- Easy-to-adjust draw stop - all you need is an Allen wrench (provided) to change draw stop positions from 18.5" to 30".
- Bow only
- Color: Black with red camo
- Right handed

Right Handed, Black With Red Camo

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