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Extreme Dimension Wildlife Phantom Pro-Series Wireless Remote Elk ED-WR-350

Extreme Dimension Wildlife Phantom Pro-Series Wireless Remote Elk ED-WR-350

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The Phantom Elk Pro-Series wireless call comes complete with a remote transmitter, remote receiver module, and two long-range antennas. With the Phantom Elk Pro-Series wireless call you're able to overlap the same sound, play two sounds simultaneously, or switch out your sound module for a different one. Sound Modules available are Whitetail, Predator, Predator 2, African Predator, Gobbler, Moose, Elk, Bear, Honker, and Duck-Goose.

The Elk Phantom Pro-Series wireless call operates on 4 AA in the remote and 4 AA batteries in the transmitter allowing for up to 16 hours at maximum volume. These calls are built to be used in all weather conditions. This model requires antennas on each unit (included). A 15-watt, all-weather speaker (included) is plugged into the top and clipped on the back of the receiver unit, allowing this compact system to be placed 200 yards away from you, depending on the terrain, distancing yourself and allowing you to remain undetected.

There are seven different Sound Modules available for this unit, and with each Sound Module comes a face plate so you know the exact sound you're selecting. Included in this call are the following sounds: Bull Battle, Antler Tree Rub, Growl, Herd Bull Bugle, Lost Cow, Young Bull Bugle, Mews, Chirps, Estrus Cow, Hyper Estrus Cow, Calf, Elk Steps.

Features include:

- Interchangeable sound modules
- Automatic shut-off after one minute at idle
- Power and low battery LEDs
- Raised rubber keypad
- Detachable belt clip
- -40 degree operation
- Sealed module ports
- Mute button


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