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Howa M-1500 25-06 Remington 22" Barrel Blued Hogue Stock Bolt Action Rifle HGR62402
Howa M-1500 25-06 Remington 22" Barrel Blued Hogue Stock Bolt Action Rifle HGR62402
Howa M-1500 25-06 Remington 22" Barrel Blued Hogue Stock Bolt Action Rifle HGR62402

Howa M-1500 25-06 Remington 22" Barrel Blued Hogue Stock Bolt Action Rifle HGR62402

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Product Summary

The duo that started it all – the Howa barreled action and the Hogue Overmolded® rifle stock. Howa M-1500 rifles are well known in the shooting community for their accuracy and ability to hold up under the toughest of conditions. Add to that the Hogue Overmolded® stock features a comfortable, soft grip to reduce shooting fatigue and still provides a positive grip surface in all weather conditions. The Hogue stock will not harden with age, and is impervious to gun solvents and gun oils. It is built with a fiberglass reinforced skeleton and pillar bedding for strength and accuracy, allowing the barrel to free-float. The stock also has a varminter style forend, built-in swivel studs and a famous Hogue recoil pad. With the Howa/Hogue you have a great shooter, combining supreme accuracy and safety with comfort and great handling, right off the shelf!

Target quality H.A.C.T. 2-stage trigger breaks crisp with no creep.

The M-1500 action is made in Japan by Howa who also makes many rifle components for several US gun companies. Howa is the only big bore rifle manufacturer in Japan.

- Trigger: H.A.C.T. 2-stage
- Cold hammer forged barrel
- Forged flat-bottom receiver with integral recoil lug
- One-piece forged bolt/handle (can be taken apart for cleaning by hand, no tools needed)
- 3 pressure relief holes in blot main body
- External Sako/m16 style extractor and m16 style internal plunger ejector
- Push-feed design
- 2 locking lugs and bolt handle acts as 3rd safety lug.
- The HACT trigger is set up like a drop-in unit, 2-stage, no external springs or transfer bars
- Trigger is set to 2.5- 3lb
- Serrated trigger shoe
- Three position safety

Caliber Dictionary

The Below Information Has Been Provided From Our Gun Caliber Dictionary And Is Meant For Informational Purposes Only. It Is Not Intended to Describe The Unique Specifications For This Ammunition.
The 25-06 Remington, introduced in 1969, is another Remington cartridge that had a long history as a wildcat cartridge. Based on the 30-06 case necked down to accept a .257-inch bullet, it is credited to A.O. Neidner in 1920, and Remington retained Neidner's original design. Remington's standardization of this long-popular wildcat was met with open arms; the 25-06 has become the most popular 25-caliber cartridge, fast and accurate with a fine selection of loads. Velocities range from a light 85-grain varmint load at 3550 feet per second to a 120-grain load at 2990. With heavier bullets the 25-06 is used for game up to elk, but it is perhaps at its best for pronghorn and deer-sized game in open country, where its flat trajectory shines. Most major ammunition manufacturers offer a selection of 25-06 loads and rifles are available from numerous manufacturers. — Craig Boddington

Specification   Value
Caliber   25-06 Remington
Condition   New
MFG NO    HGR62402+
SKU    1000737
UPC    682146334296

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